Powder Coating Services

MCA has been powder coating since 2000.  We spray two shifts a day, and a third as demand calls for it.  Our capacity is a fully integrated powder coating operation, which meets or exceeds the demanding metal finishing specifications of today's industry.

MCA has become a key powder coating provider to automotive, pollution control, publishing, consumer products and other industries looking for a finishing solution that works.

Our automated powder coating line runs cold-rolled steel, stainless steel and aluminum.  The 800 foot conveyor system, with an opening of three by five feet, uses a three stage low temperature wash system that is environmentally friendly to thoroughly clean the parts that are then dried through our oven.

Parts are then sprayed to the custom color specification and are then cured through our oven.  Parts are then picked and packed for either additional manufacturing functions or shipment to our customers nationwide.

High Volume Production Power Coating is an MCA Fabrication specialty.

You can make a difference in your business by calling us for a survey and review of your specific finishing requirements.  Please contact us today.

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