About MCA Fabrication, Inc.

MCA was founded in Ohio in 1904 as MCA Sign Co.  MCA Sign expanded to our new location in Manchester, Tennessee in 1965.  MCA added OEM metal fabrication capability in 1986 and store fixture capability in 1996.

We employ about 85 people in our 135,000 sq. ft. Manchester, Tennessee facility.  Company owners are on-site and actively involved in the day to day management and operation of our business.

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Laser Cutting

  • Shearing

  • Stamping

  • CNC Punching

  • CNC Forming

  • TIG, MIG and Spot Resistance Welding

  • Die Cutting

  • Powder Coating

  • Screen Printing

  • Final Assembly

  • Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

We are different than most metal fabrication services.  We have the ability to turn around volume orders quickly.  Shearing, forming, press operations, turret press work, welding, machining, powder coating, screen printing and other critical operations are all done in-house by our skilled work force.  Tool and die work is also a dedicated internal process.

Our powder coat line is 800 feet long with a three stage wash system and climate controlled powder application room.

Some examples of our capabilities:

  • Produced 1,000 metal cash wrap store fixtures for a Canadian fixture supplier in 8 weeks with the first delivery in just 3 weeks from the project start date.

  • Helped a major retail store fixture supplier deliver fixtures for 100 stores in 12 weeks with outstanding quality reports and all on-time delivery.

  • Supplied 1,800 checkouts in less than 6 months from formed metal parts supplied by our customer which were welded, powder coated and assembled in our facility.

Solving fabrication, finishing and signage problems with cost-effective solutions, to exacting specifications, that meet our customer's needs for just-in-time delivery, is our business.

You can make a difference in your business by calling us for a review of your fabrication requirements and related product specifications.  Please contact us today.

MCA Fabrication, Inc.  |  1300 South Spring Street  |  Manchester, Tennessee 37355 USA
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